Monday, September 22, 2008

MoGo Mouse

MoGo Mouse

Ultimate Mouse Flexibility

When I received the MoGo Mouse, I was expecting to use it only when I was traveling. I had a mouse/keyboard that allowed work freedom while in the office and was portable so that I could take them with me when I was on the go. Boy have I changed! The MoGo Mouse is slick and easy to use and rids the need for batteries. Just slide the mouse into your PC card slot (this is the one that has the dummy plastic card in it) and let the mouse charge.

Pairing: If your laptop is Bluetooth ready, the mouse is simply plug-and-play. Mine is not Bluetooth enabled, so I installed an Anycom USB 250 Adapter. Once the adapter software is installed and the mouse is charged, just remove the mouse from the slot, flip the kickstand and press the connect button. It is just that simple.

Cool Stuff: No batteries. No more worries about running out of mouse steam while on the road. After the first pairing, just flip the kickstand and click one of the mouse buttons, and your ready for continuous use.

Areas of Concern: Because the mouse is small and lightweight, if you have large hands, it may initially seem awkward to use. It is ergonomically correct but for larger hands it just takes a few minutes longer to feel comfortable.

No need for batteries
Charges quickly and last long
No need for a separate mouse bag

Light weight (1.5oz or 41g)


Initially awkward for large hands Sheila


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