Friday, September 5, 2008

RCA S2501 Jet Stream MP3 Player Review

Exercise Freedom Kleerly!

This palm sized MP3 player, only 35g, is loaded with many options for all levels of fitness. I am not that big on portable players but this little baby knocked me off my feet. The flexibility that you gain when you get a RCA S2501 is amazing. From listening to downloaded music, FM radio to audio books.

Sound: the earphones are incredible. The sound is crisp, clear, and loud thanks to the revolutionary Kleer® technology. For those persons that don’t like the earphones inside your ears, over the ear clips are included in the packaging.

Connecting: Extremely simple. Even if you forget to turn on the wireless headphones, the main unit will let you know that it is searching for the wireless signal.

Cool Stuff: Smaller than a credit card, this tiny unit comes with the ability to share your pictures, videos and music from your MP3 screen. You have the ability to listen to audio-books, monitor calories burned during exercise, and activate the pedometer.

Areas of Concern: The screen is tiny but once you know where the various options are, it’s simple to navigate.

Easy to connect

Easy to transfer audio & data files

Sound is crisp and clear (Kleer®)

Quick charge, via computer USB

Extremely lightweight

Volume button- easy to access

LED is small

Direct sun causes glare


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