Saturday, September 6, 2008

Print wirelessly

Free and share you printer!

1) The Wi-Fi way:

a) Get a wireless printer with Wi-Fi built-in. Easy, efficient, and affordable.Inkjet or laser.

b) Connect a print server to your printer via the USB port. You can choose a wired print server that will turn your printer into a shared network resource, or a wireless print server to avoid the Ethernet connection with the router, and install the printer wherever you want within the range of the network.

NB: If you have a multi-function printer, make sure to select the adequate print server.

2) Bluetooth

Get the Iogear Bluetooth wireless printing kit and share a printer with up to 7 computers or Bluetooth-enabled PDA's. Also create your Personal Area Network (PAN) with other Bluetooth devices, like a cell phone for instance, to exchange data, music, photos...


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