Friday, October 17, 2008

CyFi Wireless Bike Speaker for iPod. A World Premiere!

Press Release excerpt, september 17, 2008:

"Cy-Fi™ the world’s first iPod® compatible wireless sports speaker featuring Kleer™ wireless technology... Cy-Fi™ offers cycling
professionals, outdoor and travel enthusiasts a unique listening experience featuring iPod® compatibility, CD quality sound, over six hours battery life, and a wireless range of 30 feet.
There is also a Bluetooth (A2DP) version available for use with cell phones, MP3 players or PDA’s."

The speaker is light ( less than 4 ounces) and compact ( sightly larger than a deck of cards) and comes in two versions.

1) The version using Kleer® technology is designed for iPod with a dock connector and includes an iPod transmitter.

  • CD-audio quality
  • 30 ft range
  • Remote control from speaker
  • Battery life: 6 hours
2) The Bluetooth version is designed to make hands-free phone calls using the speaker as a speakerphone. Since the speaker also supports the Audio Advanced Distribution Profile (A2DP) you should be able to play any Bluetooth-enabled audio sources supporting the same profile (iPod/MP3/CD players for instance).

  • 30 ft range
  • Remote control from speaker
  • Battery life: 5.5 hours
The speaker easily mounts on bike, boat, backpack, etc., with the provided attachment. Note: since a Kleer technology uses 10 times less power than Bluetooth, it does not make sense that the batteries life is almost the same...

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