Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Callpod Dragon V2 Bluetooth Headset

Update: A class-1 Bluetooth headset allowing a 300ft plus communication range with your Bluetooth cell phone (it has to be a class-1 as well, otherwise the range will be limited to 30ft).
Main features:
Interesting walkie-talkie function with another Dragon V2 headset
dual-microphone background noise cancellation. Up to 8 hours talk time, 300 hours standby Switch between Skype and cell phone
3 colors: Titanium Silver, Black Chrome, Carbon fiber

Manufacturer's description:

Talk on your mobile phone without wires using the Dragon® Bluetooth® headset. With a 328+ ft (100m) range, you can roam around your office or home without having to carry your phone. Dragon can also connect with your PC for Skype® calls simultaneously, allowing you to switch between your PC and mobile phone with a press of a button. With advanced dual-mic noise suppression™, the callers on the other end will enjoy crystal clear voice even if you are at an airport, noisy restaurant or car. Works with all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, computers and PDAs.

  • Extended range of 100+ meters / 328+ ft
  • Dual-microphone background noise cancellation
  • Dragon-to-Dragon headset communication over a 250,000+ sq ft space
  • Multi-device pairing (i.e. Skype®+cell phone or 2 cell phones) with auto-switching

  • Comfortable fit for all-day usage
  • Two-button design for enhanced call control functionality
  • Sleek fit and finish
  • Reversible ear hook supports left and right ear


  • All Bluetooth-enabled cell phones and PDAs
  • All the latest phones, including iPhone
  • All worldwide networks including AT&T,T-mobile,Verizon,Sprint/Nextel,US Cellular
  • All Windows and Mac OS computers with Bluetooth

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