Thursday, October 2, 2008

Parrot Party Review

Tiny unit packs party basics

When I first received the packaging for the Parrot Party I was not to sure that it would be something that was ‘right’ for me. The packaging lacked something to be desired. In reality it almost took away from the product, making it look cheap and cheesy. However, once the unit was removed, it stood well on its own. It has a solid feel, sleek look and its contoured design makes it extremely easy to pickup and carry around (9” long and 21 oz).

Sound: We are talking 6 watts of clear streamed sound. Perfect for your computer or taking along with you on a picnic. The rechargeable batteries last a good 4 hours and helps turn this little sound system into a portable party pack. Believe it or not, the Parrot Party has a virtual Super Bass that reinforces the bass frequencies. And, it is a noticeable difference when this feature is engaged.

Pairing: Ease to pair. Whether it is with your Bluetooth-enabled audio player or your cell phone, it is very simple to pair.

Cool Stuff: The design makes it easy to carry, right in your hand. It also has a carrying pouch to help with the convenience of sharing your music at beach, pool side, or other places. There is a 3.5mm line in that lets you connect non-Bluetooth audio devices (cable included). Also The Party comes with a software, the “Parrot Audio Configuration Tool” that allows you to control the unit from your computer (volume, balance, equalizer), like a remote control.

Areas of Concern: Once your friends check this little unit out, they will want you to give it to them. Line in does not sound as good as the Bluetooth connection…But is that really a point?

  • Compact, light weight
  • Internal battery
  • Great sound
  • Sound effects really work
  • Contoured design for easy carrying
  • Line in
  • Hmmm…neon colors needed
Waiting for the Parrot Black Party Edition! We will keep you posted...


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