Sunday, October 5, 2008

How to choose a Bluetooth USB Adapter?

A Bluetooth USB adapter is a small device that plugs into a USB port to add Bluetooth capability to your computer. It comes with a software (Bluetooth stack) that allows you to carry out all your Bluetooth tasks: devices detection, pairing, connection, files transfer etc…

Here are some questions you want to ask when it comes to selecting a Bluetooth USB adapter:

1- What kind of software comes with it?
Bluesoleil, Toshiba and Widcomm are considered among the best Bluetooth stacks. I personally have a preference for Bluesoleil...

2- What is the operability range?
Don’t take the manufacturers specifications for granted. The maximum ranges are always calculated in “open air”. Class 2 range is usually given as 10m (33 ft) and Class 1 as 100m (330ft). In reality, walls, ceilings, and other obstacles can dramatically decrease this range. Rather, you should count on 10-15 ft for a Class 2 and 35-40 ft for a Class 1 adapter.

3- Is it compatible with my O.S.? (Operating System)
Windows, Mac, Linux, and is the firmware upgradeable?
Check for compatibility of your Operating System. You'll want to make sure that the firmware is also upgradeable. Verify these prior to making your decision.

4- Can I stream stereo music like my iTunes collection to my Bluetooth headphones or speakers?
To play music from your PC to Bluetooth stereo headphones or speakers , your adapter must support the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP).
We either like the Anycom USB-250 , the Parrot USB Dongle or the Jabra A320s (see here). The range is wide enough for domestic use. You will enjoy listening to your music wirelessly and easily transfer files with another computer. Furthermore, these adapters are upgradable, and Vista and Mac compatible.

Bottom Line:
The best choice is a Bluetooth USB class 1 A2DP adapter. For a few bucks more, compared to a class 2 or a non-A2DP adapter, you will get a better range, audio streaming capabilities and a upgradeable device.


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