Friday, October 10, 2008

GE Bluetooth Home Stereo Transmitter and Receiver 99004 Review

Transmit or receive music wirelessly

This device is used to receive or transmit music. Receive mode, you can stream music from any Bluetooth enabled audio source through your stereo system’s speakers.
Transmit mode you can stream music from your stereo system to your Bluetooth stereo headphones.
The 99004 is a Class1 device, so the range is theoretically 300ft. (This applies only if the Bluetooth source or receiver is also a Class 1).

Size and Installation
: This little guy is so small you wonder if it is fit for the task! Weighing in at 90g (3oz) and (4.5” x 2.5” x 1”). Connecting the line out cable into the A/V receiver input, and line in to the A/V receiver output, installation is complete.

Pairing: A breeze. I first tried the receiving mode in order to stream my MP3 tunes from my laptop. Set the front panel switch to RX (Receive), power the unit on, and wait for pairing to happen. Be patient, it does take a couple minutes to complete this process. After selecting the proper channel on my receiver, voila, the music was playing through my speakers.

Sound: What a surprise! My old stereo system is pretty decent (Onkyo TX-SV515PRO with a pair of Cabasse Corvette speakers). I also have an old AudioRequest musical server ARQ1. I was really impressed by the musicality of the streamed music, even with the 128 kbps bit rate’s tunes. At 256 kbps the quality was close to my ARQ1’s. Unexpected!

I then switched to the transmit mode. It is the same easy process. I paired the 99004 with a set of Anycom Bluetooth stereo headphones BSH-100 (great for working out!) and I, again, was greatly surprised by the sound quality.

Cool stuff: The credit-card-size remote control is certainly a treat. You can change tracks, pause the music and adjust the volume. To benefit from the remote control, your Bluetooth audio source must support the Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP).

Bottom line:
I like products that are easy to use and install, deliver what they are supposed to, without compromising quality and performance. In this respect, this GE Bluetooth Home Stereo Transmitter and Receiver is beyond reproach. You can throw a party at home, being a “one-click-of -a mouse” DJ, or privately enjoy your favorite music or movie. It has become really simple thanks to the GE 99004

Easy to use and install
Receive and transmit high quality music
Remote control
Class 1 (300ft range)

None so far!!



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javieth said...

I usually listen loud music in my house, that´s why I bought a big stereo, I like to spend my time at home I think it was the costa rica investment opportunities because I acquired my house and now I can do everything I want.

Oren said...

Can I pair it to Bluetooth enabled headset and in this way hear moy voice through the speakers of my home stereo??

Doug said...

Will this transmit bluetooth audio to a neckloop for hearing aids?

AndyS said...

I have a question - will this transmitter work with Parrot Zikmu speakers? I need to connect my amplifier wirelessly to speakers - they are working perfectly via Bluetooth with iPhone or Mac. Thanx.