Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wireless Computer Speakers

Go Bluetooth!

If you are looking for wireless computer speakers, the portable Bluetooth speakers are the ideal solution. They are compact , lightweight, both AC and battery powered, and will work up to 30 ft from your computer. All you need is a Bluetooth enabled computer. If your computer does not have built-in Bluetooth simply add a Bluetooth USB Adapter A2DP.

Also, some of them will wirelessly connect to your Bluetooth cell phone for hands-free, and ear-free, conversation (speakerphone mode).

Our favorites:
  • The Artdio 311 (3 watts) and 132 (4 watts), for their compactness, price and speakerphone capabilities.
  • The Nokia MD-5W (5 watts) for its built quality, sound clarity and hands-free capablities.
  • The Parrot Party (6 watts) and the Sony SRSMBTM30 (6 watts) for their sound quality, easy pairing, and internal rechargeable battery (Parrot Party).
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