Sunday, October 12, 2008

Free your iPod from its docking station!

Wireless iPod docking station

Connect a Bluetooth transmitter to your iPod and a Bluetooth receiver to your docking speaker system. You can now play your iPod up to 30 ft away and use it as a remote control to select your favorite tunes.

Take a look at the iSkin Cerulean TX-RX combo. The transmitter (TX) and the receiver(RX) are respectively powered by the iPod and the docking station, so they don't need to be charged.

The transmitter can be connected to your Mac/PC via a USB cable to stream all audio applications to the speaker system.

Both TX and RX have a 3.5 mm jack connector to play any audio source to any stereo system (USB/AC adapters not included).

Tx and RX can be used with other A2DP devices like Bluetooth stereo headphones (check the Cerulean F1), and Bluetooth cell phones.

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